Academic Collaboration

Georgetown Energy Partners is much more than a sustainable infrastructure initiative. It leverages ENGIE and Axium’s presence on campus to deliver value to the broader university community. Students can gain real-world experience and connections with industry practitioners. Faculty will be able to bolster their lesson plans with data from interconnected energy systems. And all campus community members can have a say in ongoing projects.

Internship Program

This ENGIE-run program includes five internship positions, with the following focus areas:

  • TechdataTechnology & data analytics
  • PolicyPolicy & research
  • BusinessBusiness development & finance

All interns will better understand the impact of sustainability on their fields of study through research initiatives, and hands-on experience with various energy technologies and business practices. The global reach of ENGIE’s internship programs can provide a worldwide network of opportunities.

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Experiential Learning and Collaboration

As part of the partnership with Georgetown University, ENGIE will deliver or host experiential learning events. These will include tours of utility infrastructure and construction projects, as well as guest lectures on topics related to renewable energy and environmental stewardship. These events will be open to both faculty and students. 

Collaboration between academic researchers and recognized industry practitioners is essential to building Georgetown University’s environmental leadership. To that end, ENGIE will provide faculty and student researchers with access to energy systems data and derived analytics for use in their own projects or in specific collaborations with ENGIE.

Campus Events

All members of the campus community—academic, administrative, and operational—have a stake in the success of the Georgetown Energy Partners initiative. Campus community members will have opportunities to provide input on new partnership projects in open forum events.

To further promote a culture of sustainability on campus, the partnership will also support Georgetown University with a variety of energy themed events. Some examples in development include hackathons and energy saving competitions.

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