Georgetown University

“Save Energy” Residence Stickers

Win a reward for reminding yourself to help the Georgetown community reduce its carbon footprint! Collect a sticker from your RA, install it, and take the survey by March 29th to be entered to win $250!

Sweepstakes Details

  • To be entered, please complete the survey by March 29, 2023
  • One $250 winner per dorm (and one for off-campus) will be randomly selected in early April
  • Winners will be notified by email
  • After completing a short form related to taxes, winning students will be awarded a $250 Visa prepaid debit card

Initiative Overview The winning 2022 Georgetown Energy Hackathon team pitched a campaign to cultivate energy-saving habits among their fellow students involving informational stickers on the inside of residence hall room doors – just above the handle – to remind themselves of important energy-saving habits.

Academic research related to habit development indicates that even a small reminder can promote desired behaviors like turning off lights and powering down electronics. The student team will run a series of surveys to assess the impact of the campaign on their peers’ energy-saving behavior to help shape future efforts.

Background The 2022 Georgetown Energy Hackathon, held in October, gathered student teams to brainstorm and pitch ideas for reducing energy-use on campus. The team of judges included student leaders (from GUSA, GradGov, GREEN), university staff (PFM, Engineering, Sustainability), and the CEO of Georgetown Energy Partners (GEP). The Hackathon is just one example of Georgetown’s transformative energy partnership with GEP, a 50-year agreement to manage and upgrade the utility
infrastructure on campus while reducing energy use by 35% or more by 2031. The students on the winning team have been refining the idea with various Georgetown departments in anticipation of this March 2023 launch. The key components involve:

  • Sticker distribution by Resident Advisors (RAs)
  • Self-selection by students (i.e. “opting in”)
  • Initial survey in March with $250 sweepstakes prize per dorm
  • Final survey in late April with another round of $250 sweepstakes prizes per dorm
    Parting Thought A plugged-in Xbox or Playstation 4 uses more energy than your refrigerator.

    Thank you for helping Georgetown Save energy!